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Casas lsf is an industrialized construction system originating in the USA, and Brazil called light steel frame that has been gaining prominence in the civil construction market in Portugal. Due to the several advantages it offers, Steel Frame is a construction system structured in galvanized steel profiles that allows dry construction with great speed of execution. characterized by a low weight system, it is widely used in the rehabilitation of buildings.

The system Lsf houses it is characterized by a light structure composed of galvanized galvanized steel profiles, which work together to support the construction. This structure is complemented with OSB plates or cement plates, aquapanel and others available on the market, screwed directly to the structure profiles. Steel is the most widely used building material in the world and is expected to be used in the future because it is more stable, more versatile, with a longer useful life and 100% recyclable.

Houses lsf advantages

The lsf House System allows buildings with a final appearance equal to that of conventional construction, but integrates technology, perfect acoustic and thermal insulation, resistance and sustainability like no other.

Light steel houses are capable of responding to any architectural need, so their use is possible in several types of buildings: houses, buildings, facades, schools, hospitals, shops, roofs and others. Because it is characterized by a low weight system, it is widely used in the rehabilitation of buildings.

In order to improve the thermal and acoustic performance of steel frame house walls, double layer rock wool plates are used inside the walls and ceilings. The walls are then covered, on the inside with plasterboard, which is water-repellent in humid areas, and on the outside with thermal insulation (“capoto” type).

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